CMS Web Design Content Management Systems


CMS Web Design Content Management Systems Orange County Los Angeles CA
We Provide a CMS that Gives You a Powerful Orange County or Los Angeles CA SEO Advantage.

Our partners can help you with any CMS solutions:
Add, modify and remove menus and sub-menus
Add, modify and remove site content
Maintain a document and media library
Restrict content to registered site visitors only – login systems
Maintain a workflow and content approval process between authors and editors
Manage banners
Modules for: Newsletter subscription, Employment, Downloads, Viral marketing , Press, Promotions, Online Booking, Events, Search

We also offer website design and SEO search engine optiization services.


Drupal Website Design & SEO


Drupal Website Design & SEO Orange County Los Angeles CA

Clark SEO Orange County Los Angeles CA understands trends and new products in the market. Drupal has quickly become the leading content management system (CMS) website platform empowering site owners to simply manage any aspect of their Drupal website. The award winning platform provides a great foundation for building, managing and growing your Orange County Los Angeles CA website and getting leads from search engine optimization.

Drupal Design Services
Drupal Mobile Web Design
Drupal Site Conversion
Drupal Site Maintenance
Drupal Upgrades
Drupal Module Development
Drupal User Training

SEO Orange County: PPC, Web Design, Adwords, Consulting


SEO Company Orange County Los Angeles CA
Our Orange County Los Angeles CA SEO packages are designed to improve your website SEO and maintain strong positions in search results. Your situation may be unique so feel free to ask us to customize our services to fit your needs.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process of improving your website’s visibility on the Internet. Marketers plan to invest 33% of their budget in SEO in 2012. The Internet will become more competitive than ever and your positions in search results will change.

Based on your marketing goals, target audiences and business goals, you may want to consider one the following SEO packages to improve your positions in search results.

1.Basic SEO

Basic SEO is automatically included in all our web development projects. It involves:

– basic keyword research
– automatic set up of H1 headings for article titles
– automatic set up of page titles
– set up of SEO friendly urls
– set up of main Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords, Robots)
– submission to main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
– Google Analytics set up

How will Basic SEO help you?

A properly designed website with Basic SEO can increase your positions in search results by 25%. A website is virtually invisible without Basic SEO.

2. Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO is for those who are really serious about online marketing and count on their website to drive relevant traffic. It consists of:

– thorough keyword research (main site keywords as well as article specific)
– automatic set up of H1 headings for article titles
– automatic set up of page titles
– set up of SEO friendly urls (may not be always possible)
– set up of main Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords, Robots)
– set up of article Meta Tags
– site map
– optimization of images
– submission to major search engines and directories
– Google Analytics set up

How will Advanced SEO help your website get traffic, leads and sales online?

Advanced SEO can improve your website positions in search results by more than 60%. You should use it to start an intensive ongoing optimization and maintenance.

3. SEO Maintenance

SEO Maintenance ensures that your Orange County website continues to stay on high position in search results. Effective optimization is the basis for ongoing SEO Maintenance. It involves:

– on-site and off-site optimization
– posting relevant articles on relevant sites
– building quality links from related, quality sites
– ongoing submission to search engines and directories
– regular updates to website content
– ongoing improvements to on-site SEO
– monthly review of web analytic reports

How will SEO Maintenance help you?

SEO Maintenance will ensure thet your website moves to the top positions of search results and keeps up with the aggressive competition of the online world. The quality of your website will improve substantially. Achieving great quality naturally, without paid advertising, will lead to long-term results. Bottom line: you will continue increasing relevant traffic to your website and convert that traffic to sales.

What will we need from you?

§ Hire us for getting good ranking and Business

§ Access to your website to determine if your web system is suitable for SEO

§ Information about your competition

§ Understanding of your business goals

§ Information about other marketing strategies you have in place

We provide Orange County Los Angeles CA SEO services for both new and existing websites

Updating your website & website maintenance Orange County


Updating your website & website maintenance Orange County, California.

Maybe your website has gotten large enough the updates are taking more of your resources than you can afford. Perhaps you have gotten busy and need somebody to take care of your website updates for a while. Could be too, the needed changes are a little more than you feel confident in handling on your own.

Website knowledge

Website maintenance is something like auto maintenance. (you walk away asking what you paid for and if you overpaid). Many costly problems from people trying to save money and do it themselves SEO – terrible idea and it will cost you.

Find your website needs.

Many times the needed changes to a company website will go undetected by the average free or heap web builder software. Certain aspects of code clean-up and webpage reformatting should be taken care of periodically to keep up with changes in the search engine algorithms to allow you to maintain the best possible placement for your website.

Don’t stop web maintenance

SEO and or design changes need to be performed periodically even if none of the information about you or your company need updated. You should look to see that any copyright dates or time sensitive data has been updated properly, or that no hackers or bad code snuck into the website.

Search engines are watching: and they LOVE updates

Search engines pay attention to when a webpage has been updated ir edited with content. This will undoubtedly directly effect your search result placement.

Dental SEO & Website Design in Orange County CA


Dental SEO Specialists in Orange County

Better Rankings – More Traffic – More Clients – More Money!

Dentists market their practices online now, rather than using phone books, Yellow pages, banner ads, newspapers, and direct mail. Internet dental marketing/advertising is about getting to the top of the search engine rankings and capturing more traffic by lead generatin. People turn to Google to find almost everything these days, including making a dentist search. Studies show that the top few spots get the lion share of the clicks, and those not on page 1 might as well be invisible. That’s where we comes in.

At Clark SEO we have narrowed our focus to be the best at what we do. Our specialties are Dentist Marketing, and Dental SEO experts and designers. We have experience ranking sites in counties, big and small cities, nationwide or global – in both easy and competitive markets. If you want your dentist related web site at the top of page one on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, you need your Internet dental marketing specialists.

Internet Dental Marketing

Dental marketing and advertising have changed.

We Know Dental SEO

A great website that converts visitors into clients is a key piece of a winning dental internet marketing strategy. But the best website in the world is useless if no one ever visits it. That is where we come in. Our goal is to bring more patients to your practice by bringing more visitors to your website. And we do that by focusing primarily on one thing – getting your dental practice to the top of the search engines.

Orange County SEO & Website Design for Google Yahoo Bing


Orange County SEO & Website Design for Google Yahoo Bing

Orange County Search marketing and website design:
What is Organic SEO/SEM(search engine optimization)? Naturally increasing Orange County SEO for leads to your Orange County, California website by strategically improving off-site and on-page SEO tactics and OC based keywords and phrases rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and minor search engines and through extensive research and development of campaign. Organic SEO is not to be confused with PPC (pay per click) advertising – or Google Adwords. Each Orange County SEO client faces a unique website (or requires a web design) and Orange County SEO problems to fix or improve. Organic search optimization uses ethical search engine optimization/internet marketing practices to generate targeted leads/sales to the website in the form of traffic, and lead flow (the life-blood of any business).

We work with all industries including lawyers/attorneys website, doctors and surgeons, industrial, auto, repair, hotels, real estate, realtors, clothing/shopping, insurance companies, office, retail, furniture, landcsape, swimming pool contractors, plastic surgery, manufacturers, plumbers, aerospace, parts suppliers, small local brands like cafes and services such as carpet cleaning or maid service.