Meta Tag Optimization Services


Meta Tag Optimization Services Orange County Los Angeles CA

Meta tags are hidden coded website instructions unseen by the naked eye, but read by the search engines, and weighed as an important factor in ranking on page one or getting targeted traffic through organic SEO.

The meta title actually appears as the title on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing if your listing comes up. Think of the meta title as the title/subtitle of a book. It is the first thing people see on the shelf and it should grab attention but also have keywords, as keywords are gold in terms of ranking your website to get leads and online sales. Each page of the website requires unique and well crafted meta tags for the best results. There are also tactics that help in CTR (click through rate) – the amount a searcher clicks your ad after they read the description. (On a side note the meta description is not always the text that search engines pull up to display your ad. It depends what was searched. Many times, content in the body of the website will be pulled.)

There are many more meta tags but the second important is the description meta tag. Think of this as your 3 second sale. The searcher needs to believe your website is worth clicking through for the product/service or information. The ad copy needs to be professional but keywords for ranking are important here as well, so a mixture of keywords and sales is the best route.

The meta keyword is debatable but still used. Orange County Los Angeles CA has 13 years experience learning from thousands of clients. Let us Help you.